My story

The beginning

During my military journey, I started to explore what I wanted my civilian future to become. Spending most of my career the National Guard, I was what we call a dual career "citizen Soldier". Meaning, I served in the military and had a full-time career. This lead me to explore the insurance industry in 2008 and I never looked back.

I started my insurance career in sales, first peddling insurance as a Nationwide sales associate, then moving to several different State Farms before a State Farm agent gave me a real shot. Ron Schulte State Farm in Zionsville, IN asked me to create their new sales division and from there my insurance career took off. I spent nearly 2 years standing this program up, boosting his new premium by 50x.

In 2011, I obtain my MBA and decided to move my talents to Liberty Mutual in their property claims department. Since 2011, I have done anything from walk on customers roofs looking for hail damage, to lean six sigma process improvement, Safeco Agent relationship management, call center leadership, vendor management, to Director of Project Management responsible for all of property claims supply & demand balancing.

Helping Veterans

Insurance Career

My journey began from the humblest of beginnings. Raised by a single mother with two children working 2-3 jobs to keep food on the table at times. She is a survivor that taught me an "at all cost" mentality; find a way to make it work!

From an early age I knew I wanted more in life and it was not going to be easy. The Army gave me the start I needed to create my own path in life. It paid for my Bachelor's degree in Risk Management & Insurance from Ball State University in 2006. It gave me leadership, confidence, opportunity, and experience. Growing up without a Father in my life, the Army most importantly became the Father figure I never had.

I joined the Army in April 2001, and finished Basic Training just 16 days prior to 9/11. A scary time no doubt, but one that changed my selfish educational reasons for serving to patriotic service. In 2006, I deployed to Ramadi, Iraq for a year in a combat zone where my unit engaged the enemy on a daily basis. We helped historic units restore "peace" in the most dangerous city in the world by standing up local Iraqi police to patrol their own streets.

In 2016, Liberty Mutual gave me the opportunity to start work in our employee resource group teams, specifically Valor. Valor is an employee resource dedicated to helping current service members, Veterans, spouses/partners, and allies at Liberty Mutual. What started out as like minded people coming together has ended up in significant improvements for our community.

Standing up programs like Hiring our Hero's helping Soldiers transition from the military to the civilian sector sometimes for the first time ever. We have increased paid time off benefits, created mentorship programs, supported important events like the Afghanistan withdraw and more. This had lead to us being recognized by Forbes, Military Times, Seramount, and other publications in the military community.

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Have stood up & lead employee resource groups, receiving recognition from Forbes, Military times, Military Friendly, Seramount, & more.


From enlisted to Officer, I have leadership experience in both combat and peace time environments.


From selling insurance, claims adjusting, lean six sigma, call center management, vendor operations, project management, and Independent Agent experience.