Why you should read this book

For nearly 20 years I had a career in the Army where my job was to lead and help people. Once I retired, I had to find a new way to do that and this book is only the beginning. I wasn't born destine to write the next great book, but rather I was inspired by some folks who said I should put my routines, habits, mindsets, and principles in a book to help other men.

There are hundreds of books out there with nearly the same title for women, but not much for men! While most of this book will work for women as well, this is to help give me some basic guidance and immediate steps you can take to help you stay youthful.

Let's face it, divorce rates climbing, dating is primarily done on APPs, and most of us aren't out there hunting & gathering for our next meal keeping you fit as a fiddle.

This book will give you guidance from:

- What you eat

-What you wear

- How you manage stress

-Workout Tips/Tricks

-Optimize your sleep

-What supplements you should take


-and more...

Paperback book

Call me old fashion but holding a paperback book still feels better than an e-book.

$ 11.99

Audiobook - Read by me!

Like to listen on the go, no problem! My book is read by yours truly so you can hear it from me directly.

$ 12.99

$ 11.99

Products mentioned in the book

EightSleep System


Stetson Dubberly

"I've seen him keep up with people 20 years younger weekly on the soccer field. Eric's guidance and experience in looking and feeling younger is preparing me as I get closer to 30. Read his book and you don't have to fear getting older!"

Chad Durant

"Eric has been an integral part of my professional growth in both the military and business world. His disciplined, motivating approach to leadership inspires teams to push past limits and exceed expectations. He's a friend, coach, and mentor."

Joey Garcia

"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Eric as his senior advisor during his time as a Company Commander in the Texas Army National Guard. Eric is an enthusiastic leader that provides unequivocal leadership through his creative vision and strategy. His critical and creative thinking always sparked the interest and fascinated his peers and subordinates. Through his vision, he helped cultivate a culture that inspired change, reinvigorating the committment of those he worked with."

Adriana Arrieta

"I had the pleasure of serving beside Eric in the Texas Army National Guard as my Company Commander. He impacted my life in countless ways. He modeled the values of integrity, kindness, and respect, and showed me how these qualities are essential for building strong relationships in order to achieve success. Eric has mentored me for years, creating a lasting friendship that extends beyond the military."

"Eric is a true believer, full stop. He lives what he preaches and cultivates an environment to push yourself to do better in all aspects of life. I've never see anyone so dedicated or determined to truly live a life that enables not only himself but others around him to reach new heights. Whether that be career, fitness, or lifestyle goals."

Gregory Griffin